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Yang’s semblance is fire based, that’s why people call her Fire or Sun Dragon.
submitted by randomvilles

Yang’s semblance is fire based, that’s why people call her Fire or Sun Dragon.

submitted by randomvilles

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So, like, what if Nora sacrifices herself for Lie Ren, and in her final moments, she boops his nose one last time. Kind of headcanon, kind of just a “I want this to happen, I want to see my favorite ship ache sorta dealio!”

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Emerald considers Cinder to be her role model and possibly best friend, and looks up to her so much that used a few pieces of Cinder’s attire in her outfit (the bracelet ring things that both women wear).

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Ruby is aromantic and asexual, and she bonds with Penny over their shared orientations. She also bonds with Blake (who is also asexual), and the three of them sometimes get together and vent about things.

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Since Volume 2 seems to focus on the white Fang and Blake’s inner struggle, Weiss will become more involved since the white fang has been stealing Dust and Weiss’s family is the biggest dust company in the world.

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I think Emerald and Mercury have a closer connection to each other than it seems, and I think they have something in common with Yang. Its seems that the white fang, Cinder, and Roman take in stowaways or street-rats by offering them jobs to do their dirty work, in exchange they will be given food, shelter, etc. I think Emerald, Mercury, and Yang were probably living on the streets and were found by Cinder and/or Roman. They were given jobs as minions as they felt they had no choice to survive. We have seen a few hints in Yang’s son and in her personality that she was probably in a gang, and maybe even working for Roman and/or Cinder. I think this chapter will explain Yang’s backstory that includes Emerald and Mercury.

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I think the reason why so many weapons in the RWBY universe is a form of a gun is because of battle needs. All weapons need both melee and range attacks, and guns are the most basic range weapons out there. There could be other range weapons like Wands (like Weiss’ rapier), bows, slingshots, etc. All weapons have to balance between Range and Melee.

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In my head, Ren is always so tired because he’s up all night with Nora. Not in any kind of romantic way whatsoever, he’s just painfully aware that he’s one of the few people that can keep up with her inner workings for extended periods of time and he forces himself to stay awake until she tires herself out because she’s his best friend and it’s his job and pleasure to do so.

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If everything - or, at least, most things - in RWBY is also a gun, then would that mean that Beacon itself could actually be one giant weapon?

submitted by vejove

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Cinder’s master plan is to have her revenge on the people who caused the death of her best friend. During her time as a huntress, she was partners with Summer Rose until “they” decided that the huntress was starting to get into dangerous territory and could discover their secrets. They decided to put an end on her life by blaming the huntress of betrayal and sent Cinder to terminate her. Cinder truly believed that her partner went rogue until “they” tried to kill her too, right after she had terminated her target.

However, she survived, and swore that she will do anything and sacrifice anything that it takes to make them pay for what they did to Summer.

submitted by diegoanime3000

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