I think Jaune’s parents are dead or absent or something, because he’s not in Beacon legally so what does he tell his parents he’s doing for the four years he’s there? Unlike all the other characters’ parents who know they’re there, Jaune can’t just tell his parents, “Hey having a great time at school, send socks.”

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Three new challengers for the festival!

Cinder may be sneaking into Beacon as a student from Vale, that or her two accomplices are going under cover as competitors for the tournament.

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Burning Ladies (Yang vs Cinder)

There have been many theories that Yang has grown up on the streets, fending for herself since her theme song hints that she may have been fighting almost her entire life against a higher force, either the police or someone with high political or physical power. If Yang were to be in a gang, there could be a possibility she use to work for Roman and/or Cinder. Maybe by joining them she was able to learn how to fight and thrive from whatever pay they were able to give her. Also the girl Yang could have been looking for (yellow trailer) might have been Cinder. Roman and Junior both have the same minions and Cinder might be working with Junior on business relations through Roman so Junior may know Cinder and Yang may have known that they were working together. For whatever Cinder did to Yang must’ve caused her to break away from the group and be determined to hunt them down to this day.

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burning aura vs hidden lotus

Yang’s burning aura could be a lot like Lee’s hidden lotus from Naruto. Both make them exceptionally powerful berserkers in speed and strength but the side effects could be devastating to their body, either killing them or paralyzing them.

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Even the brightest lights cease to burn (dangers of Aura)

Okay, so…we all have a good grasp of how aura can be very useful in battle, either as a force field, to deflect damage, increase speed, strength, etc. But there could be a possibility that it can also cause harm to the body. We all know Yang is the character that has greatest manipulation of aura, we also see how it effects her into going berserk and may be driven by emotions, for example whenever she gets angry (losing her hair or getting frustrated) her aura flares up and she goes nuts! That could be her fault to her aura. What if Yang’s aura is a berserker mode that causes her to commando in a blind fury, thus making her dangerous to all. In this mode of aura she doesn’t only attack enemies but maybe even allies, only seeing red and attacking everything in sight. What if this mode of aura also damages her body and can kill her or make her paralyzed? The lyric line of “even the brightest of lights cease to burn,” may also hint to Yang that she may die or be terribly injured by overheating on her aura.

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The reason why Yang and Ruby have different surnames is because when Yang was born, her parents where not married. Thus, she took her mother’s name. They later married, and had Ruby, so she took her father’s name. Also, the reason why they do not look much like each other is just simple genetics.

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If and when Pyrrha admits her feelings towards Jaune, it won’t end well. Jaune will immediately decline her not because he doesn’t like her (though due to Oblivious!Jaune he hadn’t realized it up to this point), but because he feels it would jeopardize the relationships of the people in his team. The two get into a huge argument, in which Jaune shouts a lot and hurls insults to push Pyrrha away from him, in hope that she’ll stop liking him and things will return to normal. Pyrrha blames his entire reaction on not thinking he’s good enough for her and always putting himself down, and then Jaune will admit he’s been punishing himself mentally for his dishonesty, but it had nothing to do with his choice. It ends with Pyrrha storming off and Jaune left, desperately not trying to fall apart because he thinks if he does, he’ll have let his team down again. It was all for his team.

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After realizing that the White Fang’s logo looks particularly like a wolf, I’m beginning to think whoever is head of the White Fang is gonna be the “Big Bad Wolf” character to Ruby’s “little red riding hood.”

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Glynda and Cinder are related somehow.

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One of my headcanons for RWBY is that Ruby was adopted because of her mom and dad having to leave her, that’s also the reason why they made Red Like Roses part two.

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