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Neo was an orphan living on the streets who struggled to survive by pick-pocketing others. One day she tried to steal from a young man in a white suit, none other than Roman Torchwick. He caught her the act, but instead of shooing her away, he saw potential in Neo. He decided to take her in and raise her under his wing. He provided for her, trained her to fight and gave her a new lease in life, asking only for her loyalty in return. Thus starting their partnership.

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Yang is bisexual and prefers males. While she is attracted to Blake, she wants to be professional and not ruin their team dynamic because she doesn’t want what Ruby worked so hard to come up with to go to waste.

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Actually, Monty has her model on Facebook listed as "Neopolitan (Neo)," which really makes me curious as to what her last name is if she has one ._.

Oh, I haven’t seen that on Facebook yet. I just figured Neopolitan was her name given by the fandom. That is interesting though. Now I really want to know her last name even more.

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Neo is based on Napoleon Bonaparte thus she is Cinder’s tactician who will lead her troops during the upcoming war. Jaune and Neo will develop a rivalry after their first encounter and they will continue to fight each other fiercely while developing a respect for each other’s leadership and tactical judgement because they always end up in draw.

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Not a headcanon, but I feel kinda bad for the poor drivers that got destroyed on the highway

Sorry this is such a late reply, but yeah, I was thinking that exact same thing when I watched that episode. I still kind of feel bad for them..

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Anonymous said:
If Neo's last name isn't Politan, I'm actually gonna be really upset tbh. Rooster teeth cannot miss out on a pun that awesome.

I’m definitely curious as to what Neo’s last name is, but I wonder if Politan would be too obvious? I still like it though and hope it’s at least close to what it actually is.

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Despite having a parasol, Neo cannot use it for rain and still gets sunburned.

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Ruby Rose has Asperger’s Syndrome. I think this because I have Asperger’s Syndrome and she reminds me of me.

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Maybe on occasion, Neo and Torchwick would accidentally swap parasol and cane.

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Winter Schnee is based on “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. She is absolutely nothing like Elsa.

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